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The Weirdest Candle Scents We've Found Online

Whether you're looking for a gag gift or a prank gift for a friend or your family, there are plenty of weird candle scents out there to satisfy even the most sinister of intents. Some may call them unconventional, others a waste of time, but these are definitely some of the weirdest scented candles we've found online and we spared you, and your search history, the work of finding them. 

Fart Scented Candle

This shouldn't surprise anyone. There's fart scented everything so why wouldn't there be a fart scented candle?

Well, there is, and there's zero chance that we're ever going to sell it.

We have a two year old and three dogs. There's always someone or something farting in our house and we're not going to add to it by making candles that smell like farts.

But, there IS a prank candle that starts off smelling like apple pie and then turns to farts. So, that's something you should get.

Meat Scented Candle

Yes, meat. MEAT. Some poor, unfortunate soul, some poor aromachologist (it's a real word, I looked it up!) had to spend time coming up with a combination of scents that ended up smelling like meat.

I don't know what sort of person would want a meat scented candle, but...yeah. Absolutely not.

Now, I could see a steak scented candle. Give me some butter, some rosemary, a dash of salt and pepper, and whatever unholy combination you'd need to create steak and I could probably (not really) get behind that. But when I hear "meat scented candle", that is not what comes to mind. 

But, yes. There are meat scented candles. They're a thing and you can't un-know that. You're welcome.

Marijuana Scented Candle

That's right. There are marijuana scented candles out there that are made with Cannabis essential oil. Whether it's called a hemp candle, stinky candle, kush candle, or by any other name, it's still the same thing. A marijuana scented candle.

Don't buy this thinking that you're going to get a contact high. These candles are made from Cannabis oil and that lacks the psychoactive ingredient (THC) that causes the warm fuzzies.

Apparently, these candles have some therapeutic uses in that it can release stress and relax the body and mind. Call me old fashioned, but it sounds a lot like drinking a non-alcoholic beer. You get the taste, but not the effect so...what's the point?

Locker Room Scented Candle

Look, I played football and hockey in high school and some of college so the smell of a locker room brings back some nostalgic memories for me, but there is zero chance that I want my house smelling like a locker room.

Sweat, dirty socks, and stinky shoes? Hard pass.

Keep the locker room smell where it belongs, in the locker room. 

Grand Champion: JOE BIDEN Scented Candle

This is where I draw the line. There's meat, marijuana, and even farts, but a candle that smells like Joe Biden? Really?!

What could this possibly smell like? Linen, butterscotch, and Gold Bond? 

Nope. Orange Gatorade. Apparently that's what Joe Biden smells like. 

And there's a whole line of these candles! There's an Obama candle, a Trump candle, a Putin candle, and there's even a Justin Trudeau scented candle for our friends to the North!

I'm rethinking my stance on the meat candle right about now.


If I can have the delectable smell of bacon in my house without having to get my range covered in a fine sheen of bacon grease, burn my hands half a dozen different ways, and have that confusing feeling of shame and contentment from eating a whole pound of bacon by myself, sign me the hell up.

"We can’t imagine why you’d find the scent of burning bacon a household essential but thankfully this bacon candle will let you fulfill that wish." - Daily Edge

Uh, have you had bacon? It's the only food that makes other foods better by being added to them. Literally zero other foods do that.

How dare you.

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