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A Therapeutic Treatment: 7 Therapeutic Candles To Buy In 2019

Nine out of ten people in the United States who use candles say they use them to make the room cozy and comfortable.

Candles bring stress reduction and relaxation in the form of aromatherapy. Fragrance often has an uplifting effect on the body and the mind.

The premise behind aromatherapy is to improve the overall well-being of people. Scented candles are created differently and have various scents depending on what you prefer. The best therapeutic candles have real essential oils and not man-made fragrances.

Below are 7 therapeutic candles to buy in 2019.

1. Mrs.Meyers Geranium Soy Candle

It feels good having some nice fragrance from a candle while doing your chores. A Mrs.Meyers Clean Day Geranium Candle provides that candle therapy.

Geranium helps in balancing the hormones in women among other soy candle benefits. Also, it reduces some of the effects of premenstrual syndrome such as pain, breast tenderness, and irritability. The oil works in the endocrine system as a mild stimulant.

Apart from Geranium, Mrs.Meyers candles are also produced in a lavender flavor. Lavender is a popular choice among Amazon reviewers.

Besides, the candle comes in a cute jelly jar making it a perfect candle gift idea. Mrs.Meyers soy candles are made from cottonseed and soy wax. They have a burn time of 35 hours.

2. Honeysuckle Jasmine Aromatherapy Candle By Stand Around Creations

Jasmine is well known to reduce anxiety and assist the nervous system. It also reduces tension, especially muscular tension.

In case you badly need to release the physical and mental tension after a long week of work, this is the candle for you. It’s a purely natural candle that is made in the United States from soy wax.

3. Agraria San Francisco Bitter Orange Candle

In some countries, bitter orange is used to treat anxiety. Also, according to a study conducted in 2011, the scent can be used in preoperative patients to reduce anxiety before undergoing minor operations.

Thus, this scented soother would work perfectly for you if you feel anxious about school or a project at your workplace. Bitter orange would work just fine for you if you’re nervous about anything looming in the horizon.

4. Lavender Vanilla Scented Candle

Contrary to popular belief, the lavender scent has a balancing feeling and is not sedating. It will help you calm down in case there’s too much energy around. It can be added to blends to effectively and safely increase energy when needed.

The lavender vanilla scented candle creates a lingering feeling of comfort and relaxation. It’s a mixture of creamy vanilla and fresh lavender.

Every candle is poured into a recyclable jar. It’s then mixed with enough amount of scent to get a highly scented candle to attain your desired fragrance.

The candle burns without forming soot or smoke like the other available waxes. Therefore, if you feel you need to dial it down or lift yourself up, feel free to use lavender.

5. Qualitas Vetiver Beeswax Candle

The candle is made of 100% beeswax in the United States, and 100% cotton wick with no paraffin, zinc, or lead. It has a high light scent with natural fragrances and pure essential oils.

Vetiver is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s an aromatic grass native to India and is well known for its calming and soothing properties. It was hung on the doors and mixed with water to keep the homes cool and provide a subtle and wonderful fragrance.

Additionally, it’s been proven that inhaling the essential oils of cedar wood and vetiver has a healing effect. Health practitioners say that the oils improve the brain patterns and symptoms of patients suffering from adult hyperactivity/attention-deficit disorder. ADHD is a condition that involves impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, difficulty paying attention, and other persistent problems.

Qualitas vetiver beeswax candle enables your brain to work properly and helps you concentrate. So, if you have difficulty focusing, just light up the woodsy beeswax candle. You can use the fragrance from the candle when studying for an exam or when preparing for a presentation.

6. Lucia Damask Rose and Cypress Candle

The candle contains essential oils that are pure and organic. They provide a balancing, antiseptic, energizing, and revitalizing sensation. Lucia Damask Rose and Cypress candle contain shea butter, a moisturizing natural extract.

Damask rose is said to be a euphoric oil. It offers a sense of relaxation and peace in all settings in small amounts. It’s said to improve the quality of sleep of patients when administered for three consecutive nights.

Having a bad night’s sleep is one of the worst experiences. The scent of Damask rose may assist you to catch some quality sleep. No more tossing and turning and restless nights.

7. Heirloom Pure Peppermint Candle

Peppermint is well known to make you relax and soothe your mind. It also helps you ease headaches and experience fresh coolness as it opens up your sinuses.
Peppermint oil helps in your exercise and breathing performance. Sometimes we find it hard to leave our warm and cozy homes to go exercise or hit the gym.

The heirloom pure peppermint candle works just as well as coffee in waking you up and ensuring you’re ready for your workout. Thus, before your next gym session, try lighting this candle and experience a productive workout.

You can light the peppermint candle during winter, Christmas or any time of the year. It has more than 30 hours of burn time. Heirloom Pure Peppermint candle has no color added.

Light These Seven Therapeutic Candles Today and Reduce the Stress

It’s sometimes hard finding time to relax after a long time of work or school. Sometimes we need some motivation to go out and exercise. With the help of therapeutic candles, you can stay healthy and feel happier throughout the day.

If you have a problem concentrating, sleeping, or are anxious about something, light a therapeutic candle today and relax. The above seven scented candles will help you unwind.

Check out this page for more information on aromatherapy-like candles.

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