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7 Benefits That Lavender Scented Candles Have On The Nervous System

In 2016, Americans spent over 30 billion dollars on alternative medicine. It's an ever-growing industry, and so is aromatherapy, a holistic treatment that uses scents for healing.

This type of therapy has become very popular and for good reasons. It can reduce anxiety and depression, help maintain a healthy sleeping schedule, boost your immune system and more.

So there's no doubt that fragrance can be a very powerful tool. The real question is, how do you know which scent is the best one for you?

There are countless to pick from, but a very popular choice is lavender. It smells great, it's beneficial for you in several ways and it's quite easy to find since it is such a common aroma.

Need more convincing on why you should get lavender scented candles for your home? Keep reading.

7 Benefits of Lavender Scented Candles

Be it in the form of oil, incense sticks or candles, lavender can greatly improve wellness. And this isn't a new trend: people have been using this herb for years and years as a way of treating sleeping problems, nausea, mental health issues, and menstrual pain.

So let's get into more detail about seven of the biggest advantages that this scent can bring to your nervous system.

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

This is probably the most commonly known benefit of lavender. 

The herb has such powerful relaxing properties, that research has even proved that it can be used to minimize generalized anxiety disorder symptoms in as little as two weeks. And more: it can be used to alleviate symptoms of depression, an even more severe mental illness.

The reason why this is so relevant is that, typically, severe anxiety and depression are treated with pills. As effective as these might be, they are also very sedative and there's always a risk of developing a dependency

With lavender, you can alleviate mental health issues while avoiding those two big problems.

It Alleviates Headaches

Anyone who suffers from constant migraines knows how debilitating they can be. Although they're not curable, there are ways of reducing the symptoms. And if you have them, chances are that you've been looking for a successful one for a while.

Our advice is that you give lavender scented candles a try. A study from the Journal of Herbal Medicine showed that doing a lavender aromatherapy treatment for three months can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines with no side effects.

It Helps with Mild Insomnia

This benefit is closely related to the first one. If your brain is constantly going a mile a minute, it becomes very hard to get a good night of sleep. For that reason, the relaxing properties of lavender can be very beneficial.

As a matter of fact, research has shown that lavender can improve sleep quality in just four weeks.

So if you struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep for the whole night, it might be a good idea to keep a lavender candle in your bedroom.

It Helps Treat Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata can be caused by several different circumstances, one of them being extreme stress. Now that you know how relaxing the scent of lavender can be, you see how it can also help with alopecia. 

Furthermore, the herb also promotes hair growth. In this case, however, you'll get quicker and more evident results if you go for lavender in the form of essential oil.

It Eases PMS

Every woman has been there. Some have more intense symptoms than others, but the days before menstruation tend to come with a lot of emotions that are not always easy to handle.

Research has shown that lavender can improve the activity of our parasympathetic nervous system. For this reason, it can successfully regulate PMS symptoms.

It Can Reduce Brain Edema

Brain edema happens when too much fluid accumulates in the brain and so it swells. It can happen due to brain trauma, cancer, stroke or other brain injuries.

Researchers conducted a study in 2014, in which they used lavender to treat brain edema and the consequences of cerebral ischemia. In the end, they concluded that the herb can, in fact, improve brain activity post trauma.

It Can Help Treat PTSD

Lavender can help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the same way that it can help with anxiety.

PTSD typically manifests in panic, extreme stress, nightmares, and depression. The solution is to find ways to calm the brain; hence why lavender can be so effective. 

If you've been dealing with this mental disorder (or any other mentioned throughout this article) it's essential that you seek help from a professional. However, having a few lavender scented candles is an excellent extra to help you overcome the trauma.

Keep It Natural

Some mental and physical health conditions require the use of traditional medicine methods. However, if you can treat whatever is going on in your body with nothing but a natural therapy, why not?

It's a lot less aggressive to your organism and it doesn't flood your body with chemicals that could potentially provoke unwanted side effects.

If you suffer from any of the issues listed in this article and you've been struggling to find an effective solution for it, give lavender scented candles a try.

We have a few available in our shop, so give our products page a look. In case you have any questions about lavender or aromatherapy in general, don't hesitate to shoot us a message!

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